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Title: Nikon Df Experience
Douglas Klostermann
Page Count: 305 pages, illustrated
Price: $14.99 (plus 6.25% sales tax for Massachusetts residents)
E-Book Format: Available in two instant-download formats to choose from:

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Nikon Df Experience – The Still Photographer’s Guide to Operation and Image Creation is an e-book user’s guide that goes beyond the manual to help you learn the features, settings, and controls of this sophisticated, powerful, retro-styled full-frame camera.  Most importantly, it explains not only how but also when and why to use the camera’s basic and advanced features, settings, and controls in your photography.

Written in the clear, concise, and comprehensive manner of all Full Stop guides, Nikon Df Experience will help you learn to use your Dquickly and competently, to consistently create the types of images you want to capture. As one reader has said about one of Doug’s previous Nikon guides:

“I have been using Nikon dSLR cameras for many years. In all this time I have never come across a publication which complements the rather soulless and complex user manual so well…your excellent work is all I need to exploit the potential of this amazing camera.”
-Martin D.

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For Intermediate and Enthusiast Photographers: This instant download Nikon Df guide is designed to help you take fuller advantage of the capabilities of your camera. It covers basic dSLR camera functions and exposure concepts for those learning digital SLR photography, and explains more advanced camera controls and operations for experienced enthusiasts.

-Go beyond Program mode and shoot competently in A, S, and M shooting modes.

-Take full advantage of the sophisticated 39 point autofocus system and its Focus modes, AF-area modes, and Custom Settings – for sharp focus of still or moving subjects.

-Set up your camera with clear explanations and recommended settings for all Menu options and Custom Settings of the Df.

-Learn how, when, and why to use and customize the controls, buttons, and features of the Df to best fit your shooting needs.

-Understand the various metering modes, exposure compensation, and exposure lock for correct exposure of every image, even in challenging lighting situations.

For Experienced Photographers coming to the Df from earlier models, this guide explains the new and advanced features in order to quickly get you up and running and taking advantage of these capabilities. This includes the unique retro-styled control dials and how to customize them to work in a traditional manner, or to coordinate them with modern dSLR controls. It also explains the sophisticated 39 Point Autofocus System and its various Autofocus Modes and AF Area Modes, working in Live View mode, and the versatile Nikon/ Nikkor legacy lens compatibility with Non-AI and AI lenses. Plus it explains the the in-camera HDR and Multiple Exposure features, guides you through all the Playback, Shooting, and Setup Menus, and explains how to take full advantage of the Custom Settings of the Df in order to help you best set up the camera and its controls for your specific shooting needs.

You can preview Nikon Df Experience at the following link. The preview shows the complete Table of Contents and excerpts from the Introduction, Menu Settings section, Custom Settings section, and Autofocus chapter:

Preview Nikon Df Experience IMPORTANT NOTE to Mozilla Firefox browser users: the current built-in PDF viewer in Firefox does not work well and can cause the PDF preview to appear in a low resolution. Please download and/ or view the PDF with Adobe Acrobat / Reader to see the proper, full resolution. Click to Preview Nikon Df Experience

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Nikon Df Experience not only covers the various settings, functions and retro + modern controls of the Nikon Df, but it also explains when and why to use them for your photography. Sections include:

-Setting Up Your Df – All of the Df Custom Settings and Playback, Shooting, and Setup Menus, including Live View Menus, with explanations and recommended settings for practical, everyday use. Set up and customize the advanced features of your dSLR to work best for the way you photograph.

-Aperture Priority (A), Shutter Priority (S), and Manual (M) Modes – How and when to use them to create dramatic depth of field, freeze or express motion, or take total control over exposure settings, including working in Live View mode.

-Auto Focusing Modes and Area Modes, and Release (Drive) Modes – The 39 point Df autofocus system is a powerful tool, and taking control of it will enable you to successfully capture more sharp images, especially in action situations.  Learn the AF Modes, AF Area Modes, and AF Custom Settings, how they differ, how and when to take advantage of them to capture both still and moving subjects.

-Exposure Metering Modes of the Nikon Df – How they differ, how and when to use them for correct exposures in every situation, and how to customize them for your needs. Also how to make use of exposure lock.

-Histograms, Exposure Compensation, Bracketing, and White Balance – Understanding and using these features for adjusting to the proper exposure in challenging lighting situations, and setting custom white balance.

-The Image Taking Process – Descriptive tutorials for using the settings and controls you just learned to take photos of both still and moving subjects.

-Nikon Lenses – Explanation of AF, Non-AI, and AI lenses and their compatibility with the Df, plus how to set up the Df to gain aperture control and metering with legacy Nikkor lenses.

-Photography Accessories – The most useful accessories and books for day-to-day and travel photography including accessories specific to the Df.

-Composition – Tips, techniques, and explanations, including the creative use of depth of field.

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This 305 page digital guide to the Nikon Df is an illustrated e-book that goes beyond the Df manual to explain how, when, and why to use the features, settings, and controls of the unique Df, to help you take control of your camera and the images you create!

Title:  Nikon Df Experience
Douglas Klostermann
Page Count:  305 pages, illustrated
Price: $14.99 (plus 6.25% sales tax for Massachusetts residents)
E-Book Format:  Available in two instant-download formats to choose from:

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What Readers are Saying about Doug’s previous guides, including Nikon D610 Experience and Nikon D7100 Experience:

A well written, professional helpful guide – Brilliant, just what I was looking for! A manual that was exciting, clear to follow, had examples and was used by a professional who gave just the right amount of technical info with explanations of why you use those settings, when to use those settings and so on, all properly explained. The book is a revelation, a joy to follow, well thought through and well written. Nikon should be employing Doug to write every one of their cameras manuals.

All You Need – This book, together with the manual that came with your camera, is all you need to start discovering the full potential of the camera.
-Max M.

Really practical and tremendously helpful. Readers of this e-book can expect to benefit from a more rewarding photographic experience using this superb camera, and be better able to exploit its potential to match their personal objectives and photographic style. Highly recommended.

This manual is a clearly written, concise and useful explanation of the rationale for the seemingly infinite and often confusing settings options for the camera. Used in conjunction with the Nikon manual I feel more confident in understanding how to at last proceed in getting better photographs.

This is the most helpful manual I’ve ever used. There is no comparison to the book Nikon includes with the camera, this book outshines it completely. No serious Nikon user should be without this. I find myself referring back to this book quite often and find it very easy to find what I need and even easier to understand. Nikon should sponsor this book, and everyone who owns the camera should have this book.

Better Than the ManualDouglas Klostermann has done a great job of not only producing a very accessible guide but he also offers very useful and sensible suggestions for getting the best results from the camera. Reading the guide was like one photographer talking to another. Thanks Doug.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get a quick start to using the camera.  Manuals are nice, but this eBook highlights the important information and gives a quick, easy to understand explanation of most all of the functions and controls.
-Ray M.

It’s clear, concise and gets to the heart of the camera’s multiple and often confusing options. Very highly recommended – for experienced user and beginner alike. As previous reviewers have remarked, the official manual is very good on what to do, but not so clear on why.

Amazing – Mr. Klostermann has done an amazing job with this book. He’s outlined every detail, option, feature, and use of this camera possible, and actually surpasses the expectations of use of the camera. I moved from an old SLR to a modern full frame digital SLR, and found it to be more than I expected. This book really helped me come more to grips on what I was doing wrong. Not to mention the fact that this book, at the price you pay, is a steal. I HIGHLY recommend you buy this book!!!
-Jacob King

Valuable Resource and Time Saver – If you’re contemplating purchasing this book I would recommend doing so without hesitation. Not only are the explanations behind the individual settings enlightening but the general theory on auto-focus and its associated uses is among some of the easiest to understand that I’ve come across. Definitely a good investment. As a result of his thoroughness, my confidence in being able to use a new piece of equipment soared. Additionally, the time required to figure out the differences between my previous camera and my new purchase was reduced sharply.
-Bryan L.

Great Source of Information! – I have been a Nikon user for decades and was of the view that I was very knowledgeable about these products. Still, once I started working with the camera I concluded that there was a good deal that was still to be learned. This book provided me with the information required, and has proven to be a very valuable resource: well set out, a comprehensive Table of Contents, and well written. The personal preferences and setting recommendations are most helpful. Job well done!
-T. E. Valentine

A Well Thought-Out, Excellent Value – The author’s stated premise for this guide is to enable the user to take control of his/her camera, and he does a fine job of that. The setup, shooting and other menus offer a wide variety of options that are listed in the Nikon owner’s manual, but without the context that is contained in the guide. Importantly, the English syntax is also so good that the reader seldom encounters head-scratcher entries, whereas the Nikon manual often leaves you wondering what they’re trying to explain. This is a solid value.
-F.W. Snert

More than a Guide – I am a passionate photographer and cinematographer. Not only did I find Doug Klostermann’s guide well written and informative, but I really enjoyed the manner in which he shared his image-making philosophy. This is much more than a camera guide and I really appreciate the links to other authors found throughout the text as well as the chapter on suggested photography accessories.
-Simon Wilkie

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